Providing Shelter and Empowering Children of Belize for a brighter future. 


Providing an environment for a child to grow and thrive.



Hope Haven ensures that the basic needs of at-risk children in San Pedro, Belize are met. We provide a warm meal and safe bed for kids to sleep at night without distraction or worry. Our people are struggling to make ends meet. Most families are one emergency away from losing their homes or falling into major debt. Together with the San Pedro Food Bank we will be able to provide assistance to low-income families with the basics they desperately need.  



Community Service

Our mission is to prepare children and families of Belize to become positive members of the community.  The children and volunteers of Hope Haven learn important lessons about themselves and about the world around them through meaningful volunteer opportunities.  Our young people have organized clothing donation, stocked the food bank, and provided support in the local communities. 




A major focus of our work is helping children overcome their educational setbacks and feel encouraged to succeed in the classroom.  We focus on the basics: Math and Reading Enrichment.  Daily educational services for our fostered children help them to catch up in school and feel prepared. Daily reading time helps our children grow emotionally and spiritually while teaching them valuable lessons.




Hope Haven's fostered children will receive individual and group therapy.  We desire to develop relationships beyond our doors through family therapy as well. Hope Haven has emergency placement and outpatient counseling for domestic abuse victims, mental health services, play therapy and educational services for the fostered children. In addition, Hope Haven will house the SHINE Center, which will focus on the empowerment of at-risk youths.



Saving the Lives of
Tomorrow’s leaders.

Living in constant fear about personal harm or when the next meal is can steal a child’s future. At Hope Haven, kids at risk find safe shelter and the loving environment they need in order to thrive. A place where a child can be a child. Where they can focus on building their futures, free from worry about gangs, violence, or any type of abuse. 


Annual Report

Dedicated to change.

To provide full transparency, and to reassure you that Hope Have is a reputable organization, we have released our financial report for 2016, which can be viewed or downloaded here.

Hope Haven is a joint venture between Raise Me Up  (NGO, Belize), San Pedro Lions Club  and Shine Belize.