A Haven Of Hope To Shine At New Children’s Home In San Pedro

November 7, 2017 - Two years of ‘blood, sweat and tear’; yes it sounds cliche but definitely the best way to describe the hard work and dedication it took to complete this amazing project that will be something so positive for the island community of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

On Saturday, November 4, 2017, the doors to Hope Haven children’s home and battered women and Shine Center were officially opened during a very emotional and heart-warming ribbon cutting ceremony. A group of persistent and motivated island residents worked incessantly to transform a ‘gentleman’s bar’ into a home and center that will assist to empower young women and become a shelter for children in need of a home, guidance and rehabilitation.

The building transformation is impressive - The first floor is warm and inviting; it’s home to Shine Center, complete with a hang-out area, play room, counseling room, meeting space and a beautiful kitchen that is now home to the San Pedro Food Bank.

The second floor is the Children’s Home with a private are for the children and house mother who will be in charge of overlooking the shelter. There are three rooms with enough space for 22 beds a large lounge and bathrooms complete with new washer and drier and outdoor space overlooking the busy San Pedro airport.

The main message of the evening was that the project was entirely a community effort that brought together different businesses and individuals for its completion; but work does not stop with a completed building. Much work is still needed to keep the center up an running for it to serve its purpose.

The children’s home will offer services such as tutoring, counseling, therapy, and different activities will be provided by a permanent counselor, therapist and children psychiatrist from the USA, among others.

Much work is still needed from volunteers, friends and businesses who want to see the children’s home prosper in the community. Those interested in helping, donating, or volunteering can contact any Lion member or Raise Me Up at 607-1765 or 630-1241 (visit Web Page).

All three organizations wish to thank all who already donated and are partaking in this project, including various sponsors from the US.