Make A Difference



Want to volunteer and see us in action? Stop by Hope Haven and sign up to volunteer or message us on our facebook page. You are always welcome. We ask that you schedule a time to serve or sponsor/cook the entire meal in advance to make sure our volunteers are utilized to their fullest potential.

Volunteer for Food Bank
Contact Pamela @

Plan a Mission Trip or Get Involved Locally
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Food Bank
Each day we provide a nutritional meal for the children we serve in the children's shelter. In addition, we serve 120 people from the community at the food bank on Wednesday and Sunday nights 5-7pm. We are asking for your help to pitch in and support our families in need. 
- Cash Donation
- Sponsor one of the Weekly meals $350
- Feed the children in the shelter a meal $120
- Donation for meat $350
- 100 lb. Sack of Rice $120
- 100 lb Sack of Beans $150
- Sponsor our utility bill for a month $500

Thank you for your help! Together we can make a difference!